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With the quite fast life of today people just need to have everything while they are on the go. At first there were walkmans. Then there were cellular phones. And that’s why you have the laptops, PDAs and iPods today.

For communication you have your cell phone and you have your internet ready laptop. That’s a common need for people who always go to other places for a meeting or a conference perhaps. It’s an everyday need of students. Then for entertain you now have iPods to give you music and videos.

And yet the evolution of technology and the innovation does not stop there. Today we even have LCD glasses or video glasses for better video viewing. The good news is it’s a portable as it can be. It’s easy to use and if it’s entertainment you want, it’s entertainment you’re going to get really.

There’s the Toshiba Video Glasses. At $440 you will be able to watch movie wherever you are and whenever you want to. Your viewing experience would be comparable to having large screens, only this time you would be wearing the glasses and the earphones while watching a movie. The screen that’s as if simulated with this device is as big as 38 inches. So if you have an iPod, you can watch the video just like in large screen than on the 2.5 inches screen you have there. You can also view movies from your computer, game consoles and other devices.

22Moo ( also has a version of its own, the i-Vision 230. It has a slightly smaller display than Toshiba with only 35 inches but it’s sold only at $250. It has a 320 X 240 LCD resolution and it’s only 120 grams in weight. It’s compatible with any device that supports AV/VGA output. It has a auto on and off switch with video signal. It’s also auto recognize and exchange between NTSC/PAL. And just like other video glasses it has integrated earphones and the glasses are designed to be comfortable for the user. 22Moo also has the 640 X 480 resolution version at $350. This, on the other hand, has a 48 inch display.

There is also the Mikimoto-Beans i-Theater Glasses. It’s lightweight and ideal for long airline flights. A single charge of the i-Theater Glasses is capable of running the whole season of your favorite television show.  This gadget is really amazing. With barely 3 ounces in weight it would be like watching the video on an 50 inch plasma TV. And it’s only $300. (

Among the LCD glasses in the market today also is the Myvu Crystal. At $299.95, you will be able to watch video for 4 hours straight from one charge. When it comes to pixel density, it claims to be the highest. And its resolution seems to be the sharpest. It’s integrated earphone are by Ultimate Ears so it’s expected to be comfortable and to be with extended bass and sound isolation. (

So there you have it. If you want to be able to watch videos wherever you go, you should get LCD glasses. There are several manufacturers who cater to this need so you definitely have a choice between the price, resolution and size of display.

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